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Somadevi Hotel

Siem Reap, Cambodia — 2014

Somadevi Hotel has decided to expand by making a new establishment that stands out from the old hotel. New building is located in the back, in one of the streets bordered by tall trees of the old administrative district of the city. The strong bias was to do without any fence for work on a base allowing to give an urban character to the building while providing benches and landscaped spaces to the street. The new building forms a U, the rooms are served by passageways open onto the hotel courtyard and they open onto balconies to the outside. The level of rooms is offset from that of the walkways to light the bathrooms in height and give clearance to each Entrance. The swimming pool is located upstairs, above the level of reception and lobby. The facades are treated as screens, metal slats on the balconies of the bedrooms, and wooden planks on the entrance. Large landings connect the two building body of rooms, offering covered spaces which overlook the swimming pool. The only rooms open on the swimming pool are the two suites located on the top level. The pool deck extends onto the roof of the old bathroom conference, overlooks the spa, and opens onto the hotel garden.




Architecture, Hotels